Patricia, Part 2: Now I can teach English!

I arrived at WESLI with the wish to improve my English in order to be more successful in the world of business. In the past I was always called a non-language person but this changed since I have studied at WESLI.

2020欧洲杯官方网址My teachers always helped us to grow and make progress. When I reached the highest level (700) at WESLI, I slowly became tired because I saw the end. My teacher suggested I take the WESLI Teacher Training Program (WTTP). This program offers the opportunity to get a TEFL Certificate in a 5-week intensive course that offers theoretical and practical experience. In addition to learning about teaching methods, classroom organization and grammar, I experienced what it means to teach my own class of international language students. It was a challenging but a wonderful experience that not only improved my English skills, but this experience also forced me to grow as a person.

While having class together with native English speakers, close relationships resulted. And, I learned many new expressions from native speakers which are not written down in a textbook. Throughout the whole course, experienced teachers observed us and supported us. I never thought that I could get this certificate, but my teachers knew me better and helped me to reach even higher goals.

2020欧洲杯官方网址Thankfully, I decided to study English abroad at WESLI. Studying abroad is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, richer in experience and memories.

-Patricia, Switzerland, Level 700, Completed WESLI's Teacher Training Program

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