Patricia, Part 1: Mistakes are part of learning!

I arrived at WESLI with the wish to improve my English in order to be more successful in the world of business. In the past I was always called a non-language person but this changed since I have studied at WESLI.

2020欧洲杯官方网址I believe that the highly experienced teachers were key to my improvement. A lot of the teachers have learned over the years which common mistakes are associated with each native language. Therefore, the teachers know exactly what mistakes are common for German speaking students, and together we were able to diminish those errors.

Further, the teachers taught with goal-orientated projects and supported us individually to reach our goals. This increased students’ motivation enormously and shaped a class atmosphere where learning was welcome and students generated a team spirit. I could feel how important the students were to the teachers and how much they cared about their students. The teachers’ engagement helped me and motivated me to study hard.

In the past I was always afraid to make mistakes while speaking in English and that others would laugh at me. In classes back in Switzerland, I always found ways to hide behind better and stronger students so that I could skip my part of speaking. This was no longer possible at WESLI since we all spoke a different language. I had to use English to get in contact with other students and to express myself. However, no hiding was necessary. The classroom was a zone where it was okay to make mistakes. Nobody laughed and nobody made jokes since we all were at the same level and we all knew that learning a new language is challenging.

Thankfully, I decided to study English abroad at WESLI. Studying abroad is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, richer in experience and memories.

-Patricia, Switzerland, Level 700, Completed Teacher Training Program at WESLI.

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